He left in his truck taking all he owned plus my heart and soul. He didn’t look back to see my tears but the rising sun spread rays of hope over my face.


Written for Trifextra Week 50

26 responses to “Starts

  1. Oh,that’s so sad but at the same time,I say “good riddance”-if he did not care,why should you?Liked the hope in the last line-yes,moving forward is a better option:-)

    • Thanks… I got a great emotion when I saw the challenge and with 35 minutes or so to go I let it flow. I believe that if I had more time. The ending would not have been better because i would be looking for something grand.

  2. Whoa–I did not expect to see sharks down here. 🙂

    Welcome to Trifecta! Thanks so much for linking up with us this week. I love the strength of your character here. I’m hoping that guy just keeps on driving.

    Hope to see you back for the weekday prompt on Monday.

  3. Hi Doverock,
    I’m a musician so when I read I often see lyrics to a song, this could easily develop into a very nice one….wonder how it would end and what feeling would the chorus convey?

    • chorus is a search for self.that she had lived a life of compromises; half she, half he which was her recipe for a good relationship.
      But the sun beckoned her to discover what that new day holds for her… to regain her full self she learns that she needs someone to complement her not someone to lose herself into.

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