Why-s versus buys

“Pleeaase, can I have it?”


“John has one?”


“I don’t know!”


“I’m the child, I ask why; you’re a mummy, you buy.”

“Now I’m the why person, so you’re …


15 responses to “Why-s versus buys

    • Thanks, as a parent sometimes I had to use reversed psychology and I thought about it and felt it would make a natural ending .
      Thanks for the visit and the comment.

  1. To everyone who liked this story, thank you. I thought it was so simple , so everyday that it would get an ambivalent nod, But I am happy to have entertained you.
    To those who’ve commented: Your words of encouragement and thoughts about the subject matter were well appreciated.
    You are invited to visit this blog again and please sample some of my earlier offerings !Blessings.

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