Don’t paint everything racist look beyond for the uninformed

Sometimes in the developing world, you are so caught up with your country’s second-tier status that you start to believe that the people in the developed world are sophisticated and their comments well-reasoned. I came back to reality when reading comments on regarding Black History Month. It also reinforced to me the importance of having information about a subject ahead of commenting.
I laugh very loud when I read “What about White history month you racist SOB’s” and “someone please inform me as to when is White History Month. Guess I just have been missing it every year for 73 years. Surely it is also a very important celebration, right.”
Gracie Mansion, Rev. Martin Luther King press ...Readers jumped on these commenters’ case, calling them racists but how can you do that? What I detected from these posts are a lack of knowledge and  inquiring minds, albeit  extremely lazy ones. The commenters should have asked themselves the same questions they posed first, or the reverse, why a Black History Month. In this day of quick Google searches, they would have received that answer as well as what was done by the promoters of the idea to get the February declared as Black History Month. The latter would have shown them the route which they could take towards agitating for a White History Month or a month about anything, else for that matter.
As I continued to read I start to wonder what the chat will be in October when the United States observes LGBT History Month that includes National coming out day. One poster described Black History Month as one of the most racist things in America, only second to Martin Luther King Day and I wonder if he will see LGBT as most an anti-heterosexual day. He argued that “Black will never be treated and considered equals until they stop feeling the need for special treatment,” so what will be his advice to LGBT.

LGBT Pride Parade San Francisco 2009Having a month to celebrate an event or to focus on a subject or a people does not lower the status of another event or subject neither does it prevent new events or subjects from getting the same treatment. Moving a cause to the forefront of national focus require people with courage and strength in their convictions to take the long and difficult road to such achievement. Some however, find it easier to set at their desks and spew venom. What are you a talker or a doer?


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